Vulkolan Wheels


For extremely dynamic aplications, very heavy loads, and high speed wheels need to high resistance. As this requirements recaommend the use vulkolan wheels for machines tractions.

Other applications are heavy - duty reach and narrow aisle trucks in cooler and freezer storage.

During prolonged standstill, e.g. (-40 °C/+80 °C )Night, drive wheel with softer treads can flatten and recover only slowly due to the low ambient temperatures and may cause intolerable vibrations,.

93 shore or 95 shore are resistant to flattening and consequently quicker to recover their shape in short time.


Stacking machines working during the height of 15 meters, the lift and remove the very high proportion of punctual pressure on the load wheels with a heavy tonnage would cause.

This creates a large amount of deformation effect on the surface together with pressure. Rader Vogel's products against riot occurred products that vulkollan load wheels thanks to the special microstructure

It absorbs all deformasyon by providing high strength gives a longer lifespan.


Provide static balance in the design of forklifts and pallet stacker wheel and load wheels for execution facility. Stacking machines during the transition to the steady state acceleration position,

Formed in momentum causes the dynamic balance with needs. Machines sudden movements and maneuvers to overthrow the state and the balance wheel is used to skidding.

The machine can work in safer and more efficient operations. Therefore, the balance wheel is required to be replaced immediately in case of wear and tear.


The systems machines to work in a more efficient use of storage technology with developing narrow corridors are preferred.

Shelves along with the movement of the machines in them, guiding wheels provide a way to monitor the machine's linear operators and users more comfortable and safe driving.